Bathroom Lighting Sconces-Sprucing it Up

Bathroom Lighting Sconces-Sprucing it Up

Decorating your bathroom can be a lot of fun. You can decorate this room to show off a lot of your personality if you have the right tools.Many activities take place in the bathroom, most of which require a good amount of lighting. As a result, proper lighting is very important in decorating your bathroom. Many magazines and catalogues, along with various programs on television, provide excellent tips on different ways to light up your bathroom in a fun and effective way. One of these fun and exciting ways is to use bathroom lighting sconces.

Sconces are very beautiful light fixtures that are designed to be attached to the wall without any base for support. Hence, the only support for sconces is the wall itself. The many styles and designs of bathroom lighting sconces available will help to take your bathroom to another level. Whether you want a contemporary theme or something more ancient or just a bathroom that is relaxing and fun-filled, these bathroom sconces can help you to do just that.

Based on their design, bathroom lighting sconces tend to direct soft and simple light upwards, although sconces have been designed to reflect light downward or sideways. As a result, not only can they be used to enhance the ambiance of your bathroom, but they can be used to place emphasis on the focal point of the bathroom by directing light in that direction. An excellent location to have sconces installed is around your bathroom mirror or in your vanity area. If you have a large mirror, you should consider having sconces installed on both sides. What this does is allow the light to be evenly reflected across your face, removing shadows and providing you with excellent lighting to either put on some makeup or get rid of the sneakiest of hairs on your chin. If your mirror is small, then you could just have one bathroom lighting sconce bright enough to provide the necessary light.

Bathroom lighting sconces are also available with shades, which further add to the beauty and overall decor of bathroom sconces. These may be made out of glass, metal, or ceramic, with a beautiful finish such as silver, bronze, chrome, or copper. You are sure to find a style that suits your needs as they can be found in contemporary, traditional, and antique styles, along with many others. You can use bathroom sconces in addition to other lighting fixtures for even better effect. As a result, if you were to obtain sconces with darker shades, they could be used to provide you with that smooth, dim, relaxing light needed to set the mood for your Saturday evening soak, while your other bright lighting fixtures could be used to get you ready to face the world in the morning.

Whatever your lighting needs are for your bathroom, bathroom lighting sconces can definitely provide the solution.

Antique Bathroom Vanity-Your Bathroom’s Focal Point

The vanity is considered the centerpiece of every bathroom due to its elegant look and design-connecting capabilities. That is why many interior decorators doubt the idea of changing the current bathroom counter for many new homeowners. It seems that replacing the vanity would destroy the overall harmony of your bathroom’s current theme.

Of course, that is very true. The vanity mixes the appearances of all the other structures in your bathroom into a stylish blend. However, if your bathroom looks disastrous and irritating, changing the vanity can help you retain its previous glamour. You may have decorated your bathroom in a very pleasing way, but it still lacks the wow factor that only a good vanity can deliver. If that is the case, check the focal point of your bathroom. Is it really connected to the overall theme? Does it match the style of the other fixtures you have, or does it strain the harmony of everything?

Traditional antique bathroom vanity choices are nowadays considered the new trend in bathroom interior designs. Although the modern use of angles, lines, and geometric designs shows a very elegant style, many have been bored by its appearance. In that case, the lofty and detailed antique bathroom vanity designs can inject a new version of elegance into your bathroom.

Choices may include the use of an ivory marble counter to promote simplicity and functionality in the bathroom, the use of neutral Baltic brown granite to create a counter for the vanity that playfully covers the overall look of the bathroom, and many other ideas. Moreover, antique bathroom vanities choose to have a single but wide central mirror bordered by a matching wood frame, cherry lumber, for example, to further add drama to the vanity.

The counter’s support for the basin is intricately designed, too. In looking for future vanity pieces, you will surely see highly-elaborated wood carvings of natural sceneries, such as creeping vines or budding flowers. This unique style can definitely attract attention, especially since the piece is placed in the bathroom. The focal points of a room should be able to draw attention, which makes antique vanities a good choice.

Also, a focal point piece should interact with the other fixtures permanently placed in the bathroom. In that case, antique vanities can also pass. The neutral colors that wood can show readily hug any color in your bathroom. Unlike the neon and bright shades many modern vanity pieces show, the general hue of these antique bathroom pieces will never overshadow the appearance of the other structures inside your bathroom.

Still, when using antique vanities, take note that they are now fragile in quality. Thus, when cleaning them, it would be helpful not to use rough bleachers or tough fabrics. They can ruin the elegance of your vanity, which would then destroy the theme you are developing for your bathroom. Also, remember that your vanity serves as the focal point of your bathroom.

Considering that, you must then always make sure that the vanity has its prime look. The prime look would mean neatly arranged drawers and toiletries inside the drawers, an unblemished central mirror, and a dusted overall surface. If you can achieve this, then you have succeeded in improving the look of your bathroom.

How to Choose Bathroom Accessories for Your Home

When we first move out of our homes and start our lives, either alone or with a partner, most of us are slow to invest in things like bathroom accessories. We may start with a soap dish and a toothbrush holder, but most of us don’t go a lot further than that. Maybe we buy a few matching towels to put out when company comes over, but for the most part, bathroom accessorizing is not a high priority.

As you become older and start wanting to make a better impression on people, you realize how important your home is and how it actually reflects you as a person. Bathroom accessories may seem of minor importance, but they are one of the most noticeable items in your home. This is because when your company comes over, the only time they are actually alone and able to inspect what you have is when they are in the bathroom. And, they do look around!

So, when you are looking for bathroom accessories, the first thing you should do is consider who will be in the bathroom. Most of us have one bathroom that we use as our day-to-day bathroom and one that stays primarily untouched for company. Because each of these bathrooms has a different function, they should be designed differently. The “company” bathroom should really reflect your style and be luxurious for your company. The nice towels, the nice fixtures, and the nice amenities all go into this bathroom.

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t have nice bathroom accessories in your day-to-day bathroom! When you are choosing accessories for your bathroom, you need to make sure that they are sturdy and easy to clean. By choosing a bathroom set—cup, toothbrush holder, soap dish, etc.—that is dishwasher-proof, you can save a lot of time. And, by making sure all of these items are clean, you will prevent germs from spreading throughout your household.

Other accessories such as towel racks, tissue boxes, places for extra towels or guest soaps are always nice to have and will make you feel better about your bathroom. Because your bathroom is such a busy place, though, make sure there isn’t too much clutter. The less you have on your counter, the better. Just make sure that all of the items match the color scheme, style, and theme of your bathroom.

You may be tempted to go to the high-end department stores to look for bathroom accessories, and there is no doubt that you won’t find some spectacular items there, but you will be paying way too much. By shopping online or in a discount store, you will have a better variety of items to choose from, and by saving money, you will even be able to change your bathroom with the seasons or for special occasions. After all, a nice holiday motif is great in the winter when family comes to stay, and when they’re gone, you can go back to your everyday accessories and towels.

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