Bathroom fittings from the past

Bathroom fittings from the past

Many individuals like modern and contemporary interior design and décor styles for their houses. It is also well known that the retro appearance is becoming more popular. Homes constructed in the historic design seem noble and stand out from the crowd. The vintage-styled living areas and bathrooms will exude a sense of calm and elegance. Vintage bathroom fixtures offer your bathrooms a classic vintage aesthetic that complements the architectural style of your house.

Locate them.

You must go to the local salvage yard to locate the old bathroom fittings. If you are not successful, go to the next major city and try your luck there. Thrift shops and flea fairs in town may have some good deals for you. You may be surprised to discover some fixtures at garage sales as well. A simple newspaper advertising might sometimes get you closer to the antique objects you want.

Repair them.

After going through and discovering the valuable historic bathroom fittings, you must repair them. Before they can be installed in your retro bathroom, the historic items must be cleaned and polished. To restore the damaged pieces, use a high-quality resurfacing kit. You have the option of hiring a professional or doing it yourself. A expert may be of great assistance in repairing the fixtures and making them seem new and current.

Choose long-lasting items.

Bathrooms are one of the most utilized rooms in the house, therefore decorating them with delicate antique fixtures is not recommended. Because fragile antique items might collapse due to regular usage, this can mean a hole in your wallet, so avoid purchasing and repairing weak ornamental pieces.

Employ a plumber.

Most of us, in an attempt to save money, handle our own plumbing repairs. Because the historic bathroom fixtures do not fit readily, it is best not to undertake the plumbing work yourself. Only a specialist can identify solutions to properly fit the antique faucets, sinks, and tubs.


Built-ins in vintage bathroom fixtures brighten up the bathrooms without making them seem clunky and crowded. Hidden cupboards, towel bars, and built-in sinks save room while looking great. Ceiling lights, antique sconces, hanging lamps, frosted glass and metal fixtures may all contribute to the compelling old world character of your bathrooms.

Bathroom Fixture Buying Guide

One of the most important considerations you’ll have to make while repairing an existing bathroom or creating a new one is what sort of bathroom fixtures to utilize. There are more choices than ever before, at a wide variety of pricing. Let’s take a look at some of the things you’ll need to think about.

First, you must decide on the sort of bathroom you want. Do you desire vintage décor with fixtures that appear like they may have been installed 50, 60, or even 100 years ago? Or do you want a contemporary design with all the newest fixture styles? This selection will immediately reduce down your options significantly.

The second choice you’ll have to make is which fixtures you desire. Do you want a claw-foot tub with its own shower stall? Or a regular tub/shower combo? What about the sink—will you go with a contemporary vanity or a pedestal sink with its own drawers and shelving for storage?

Some fittings, such as a bidet, are entirely optional. These aren’t very popular in North America, but they’re getting more frequent as individuals design their bathrooms to be as much about form as function.

You could also want to upgrade your bathroom fittings, such as adding a spa-like shower. These days, rain shower heads and multi-head showers are increasingly popular. They may add a significant amount to the expense, but if you want a one-of-a-kind bathroom where you can relax and have some alone time, it may be worth it.

In terms of expense, you’ll also need to decide on a budget. It’s easy to overpay on bathroom fixtures if you don’t have a budget in mind. While you may want the greatest equipment available, the expense may not be as appealing. Before you go out looking for all the fixtures you want, make sure you know how much you can justify spending.

If you prepare ahead of time, do some research, and have an idea of what you want, you will save time, money, and headache when you go shopping. Now go out there and choose your bathroom fittings!

Vintage Blue Bathroom Fixtures: The Vintage Theme Can Never Go Wrong

The antique blue bathroom fixtures give the Victorian period bathroom a more elegant and soothing atmosphere. Previously, individuals would keep to the usual white hue while constructing their historical bathroom. Homeowners are becoming more daring and confident in their bathroom color choices. So, if you adore antique blue bathroom fixtures, follow your intuition and go for it.

It’s hardly surprising that many individuals still like traditional period-styled restrooms. Who can resist the stylish and clean design finish provided by antique bathroom fixtures? I’m willing to bet nearly no one. Because the antique kind is difficult to acquire, dealers of copies or restored antique fixtures charge premium prices—though you can always discover fantastic discounts on the internet.

When rebuilding your bathroom in the classic era, it is natural to get fixtures that reflect the classic period styles. You might begin by concentrating on the bath tub that you want. Vintage bath tubs come in a variety of styles and finishes. You might select between a claw-foot tub and a pedestal tub for the design. These might come in a variety of finishes such as cast iron, copper, steel with porcelain coating, and acrylic.

If you’re weary of the traditional claw-foot tub, consider a pedestal tub. This features a raised front part that dips down in the center or parallel level borders. Unlike the claw-foot tub, this one lacks feet and instead relies on a wooden oval-shaped base for support. It also lacks faucet drilling, which allows for a deeper water level; pedestal tubs utilize freestanding or wall-mounted faucets.

Pedestal tubs are now manufactured by a small number of companies, including Kohler and Aquatic Whirlpools. Vintage pedestal tubs are generally available in white color finishes, so anticipate a limited color palette. However, there are various models that you may repaint to fit your color scheme. And more contemporary pedestal baths are now available in a variety of colors and designs.

Bath fixtures aren’t the only thing in a vintage-inspired bathroom. The floor tiles might be constructed of various materials such as marble or porcelain (tiles with three-colored combinations are also being considered). You have the choice of utilizing paint, tiles, or wallpaper on your walls. Make sure the color you choose has a vintage feel to it, such as blue, mint green, or black. Light fixtures in Victorian houses are often made of frosted glass and chrome.

Some antique blue bathroom fixtures are difficult to obtain and somewhat pricey. But don’t give up since there are lots of techniques and tools to get the style you desire while staying within your budget.

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